Teacher Leave Day

You are entitled to one paid leave day per year according to the Collective Agreement:

6.13 Teacher Leave. Effective September 1, 2014, a teacher, upon application to the Superintendent or designate, shall be granted one (1) day leave with pay during a school year. The cost of the Guest (Substitute) Teacher shall be paid by the District.

The one (1) day leave with pay will not be granted:

  • during Teachers’ Convention;
  • on Faith Day;
  • on Professional Development days;
  • on Parent/Teacher days;
  • on District Teacher Organization days;
  • on School Special Event days; and
  • to extend any holiday periods.


The District may limit the number of teachers granted one (1) day leave with pay on any given day so as not to have any negative effect on District operations.

This clause is applicable to all teachers, including teachers who are in receipt of a salary Allowance, as set forth in Article IV. NOTE: There are a number of restrictions, so you need to plan ahead so that you are not disappointed. You cannot use the day to extend a holiday period (Christmas, Easter and summer). Long weekends are not holiday periods.

To apply:

  1. Enter your request in HR Self Service, using the Teacher Leave code.
  2. Once approved, log your absence in SmartFind Express, using Teacher Leave as the reason. If a Guest (Substitute) Teacher is required, indicate “sub required”, otherwise indicate “no sub required”.

Questions: Contact Mike McFarland, Executive Assistant at 403-265-2678