Staffing Process


The staffing process has now begun with possible impacts on individual teachers.

The process is guided by the policies which have been made available to all staff.

The staffing guidelines are available in the office in each school,

but we have reproduced them here (behind the password) for your convenience.

The staffing process creates both challenges and opportunities and it is never easy for anyone involved.

It is important to keep in mind that the School Act gives school boards the right

to transfer teachers with appropriate and valid reasons.

However, the same legislation gives teachers the right to appeal a transfer,

within 7 days, if they feel it is inappropriate or unreasonable.

Hopefully the process will go smoothly for anyone who is looking to make a change,

And at the same time …

Hopefully it will be as fair and supportive as possible for anyone

who is forced to change schools or assignments as a result of staffing decisions.

Please contact the Local 55 office immediately if you have any concerns about your placement.