Executive PD Funding Form

Executive PD Fund Form

Executive PD Funding

Purpose:  The fund is for Professional Development course or conference

Who:  All Executive members are eligible for Executive Funding of $500.00 per year

Amount:  $500 per year.

Timeframe:  Only $500 can be accessed in the first year of a term. If unused, this amount accumulates for two years and if not used, it zeros out.

This school year 19/20, each member has $500 to spend towards Professional Development or may leave it to accumulate and use the next school year.

Reimbursement:  Executive Funding Form must be filled out and signed by the President.  Receipts must be attached to the form and submitted to Accounts Payable, Varsha Prabhakaran

If you are accessing PGS for the same conference.  Please submit to PGS first.  The remainder can be reimbursed from the Executive PD Fund.