Collective Agreement

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2012-2016 Collective Agreement

Letter of Understanding – Proffessional Improvement Leave

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Table of Contents

Article I Application – 1.1 Teachers Covered

Article II Term – 2.1 Effective Date

Article III Basic Salary – 3.1 Basic Salary Schedule

Categories of Teacher Qualification and Applicable Salary – Sept 2014-August 2015

Categories of Teacher Qualification and Applicable Salary – Sept 2015 – August 2016

3.3 Initial Salary above Schedule

3.7 Experience Increments

3.09 Technical Education Teacher’s Qualification

Article IV Salary Allowances

4.4 Vice Principals, 4.5 Assistant Principals

Article V Guest Teachers, Night Classes & Summer School

Article VI Leave of Absence

6.2 Professional Development Leave & Professional Growth Subsidy

6.3 Sick Leave

Sick Leave Coverage, Sick Leave Documentation, Medical Form

6.5 Compassionate Leave, 6.6 Critical Illness & Other Leaves

6.14 Principal Leave, 6.16 Association Business Leave

7.1 Leave of Absence without Pay

7.2 Maternity Leave

7.3 Supplemental Employment Benefits Plan

7.4 Leave for Purposes of Adoption, 7.5 Parental Leave

7.6 Personal Leave, 7.7 Unspecified Leave

Article VIII Benefits

8.3 Changes in Benefits Coverage

8.4 Retired Teachers’ Benefits Plan


Article IX Grievance Procedure

Article X Consultation

Article XI Employment Conditions

Guest Teacher Coverage

Article XII General

Letter of Understanding – Re: Sabbatical Leave Review