Teacher Welfare Committee (TWC) – Formerly EPC

The Teacher Welfare Committee negotiates the Collective Agreement and monitors the application of its clauses. This committee’s mandate is to gather and study all data relevant to amendments to the Collective Agreement and to prepare and present these proposed amendments to the Executive Committee for recommendation to the Council of School Representatives for approval. The committee also monitors ongoing working conditions and gives direction to the negotiating sub-committee concerning all contractual negotiations.

This committee consists of a Coordinator and 14 members (three per school-based division and one non-school-based teacher representative and one principal representative), with four members being elected each year for a three-year term.

                         Membership 2019-20

Alyssa Adair 2017-2020
Monica Chung 2019-2021
Sinead Dullaghan 2018-2021
Megan Ferguson 2017-2020
Eric Fortin 2017-2020
Alexandria Matos 2018-2021
Bonnie McIntyre 2018-2021
Robert McKague 2018-2021
Steven Navatril 2019-2022
Murray Outtrim 2017-2020
Hal Soby 2019-2022
Heather Wheatland 2019-2022

Vacancies: 03

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