Professional Development (PD) Committee

The Professional Development Committee strives to provide new and experienced teachers with an increased repertoire of techniques and methodologies. One member shall be named as a liaison to the Convention Association Committee and shall attend Convention meetings and report back. Six members are elected each year. This committee consists of a Coordinator and up to 12 members, six of whom are elected each year for a two-year term. The Coordinator of Professional Development is the chair.


Kristine DaSilva 2018-2020
Carrie Forster 2018-2020
Lisa Fulton 2018-2020
Tracy Hryciw 2018-2020
Don McLaughlin 2019-2021
Colleen Kopp-Firth 2019-2021
Lynn McEachern 2019-2021
Laurel Pardy 2019-2021
Katie Symons 2019-2022
Keri Tkachuk 2018-2020
Leanne Van Horne 2018-2020
Tracy Wood 2019-2021