Executive Committee

The role of the Executive committee is to exercise general supervision of the conduct of all committees of the local and issue directives where deemed necessary. The committee is to ensure that directives of the CSRs are carried out and to receive and act on reports of all standing committees. The committee is responsible on ensuring the preparation and transmission to the Provincial Association such reports and statements with reference to the affairs of the Local association as may be required and supervise the allocation of funds as approved in the budget.

Executive Elected Position Descriptions

                                Membership 2019-2021

Mario Vergara President
Lee Martin VP Member Engagement
Philp Bird VP Community Relations
Franca DeGusti Treasurer
Mark Shannon Secretary
Katherine MacDougall Local Political Engagement Officer (LPEO)
Monica Chung Coordinator TWC
Tracy Wood Coordinator PD
Richard Campbell Past President
Angela Crescenzi Div. I Representative
Gina Vigna Div. II Representative
Carmela Quatararo Div. III  Representative
Cody Lomas Div. IV Representative
Bev Malenica Non-School Based Rep
Elizabeth Grill Principal Representative