Annual Events

Local 55 Hosts many regular events throughout the year.  You must qualify for and register for these events.


New Teacher’s Induction

All 1st and 2nd year teachers are invited to register to attend with one guest.  This event is held every spring. Invitations are sent out to new teachers detailing the event.  If you are a 1st or 2nd year teacher and do not receive an invitation by February of the current year, please contact the local for information and to register.   The Professional Recognition Committee plans and hosts this event.


New Teacher’s Orientation

The New Teachers Orientation is an information seminar in October for teachers in their first or second year with CSSD.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Benefits/health spending account
  • Salary structure and understanding a pay advice
  • Leaves (temporary, maternity, compassionate, sick)
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Local #55 and You

A buffet meal will be served.  Pre-Registration is required

Information and Orientation materials for New teachers

ATA Library Brochure

Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities for Teachers

The Professional Face of Education

We Are Teachers – Teaching is our profession


Retirement Banquet – Held each year in June

All retirees of the current year are welcome to register to attend with one guest. Teachers are recognized  for their contributions and service over the years.  It’s held in June of each year.  This event is planned and hosted by the Professional Recognition Committee.  Please watch for the poster in your school. To register: call the local with your name, school, retirement date, years of service and contact information to register.



More Information and Application here

Scholarship applications are available to children of current or former Local 55 members.  The forms are available from our website and at from CSSD Counselling Departments at the end of January each year.  In early May, recipients are selected.  Announcements are made in June. The formal presentation of Scholarships is September of the following school year.