President’s Message

June, 2020



“If we love one another,

God lives in us and his

Love is perfected in us.”

-1 John 4:12

June signifies the end of the school year and looking ahead to summer break.  Thank you all for your continued efforts in supporting student learning while still taking care of your own families and your health.

Meeting with students regularly on Google/virtual classrooms, to keep a sense of community, assigning purposeful tasks, guiding student learning, has been tremendous work that teachers have taken on.  Doing the work with passion and excellence has been noted from our school communities.  Teachers realize that each and every child only gets one chance at kindergarten, 9th grade or graduation from high school.  The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on our students, especially our most vulnerable and marginalized, yet you have all been there to support them.  Thank you!

As we look back at the tumulus events which shaped these past few months, it is reassuring to see our membership reach out with compassion and charity to those left destitute and weary by the strife and tragedy.  The COVID 19 pandemic, natural disasters (Ft. McMurray floods), tragic events as the shootings in Nova Scotia.  All are challenges that we have faced together.  Recently, we have been reminded of the racism that is present in our society.  We are reminded that we are made in the image and likeness of God, as Catholic educators we need to reaffirm the inherent dignity of all human life.  The recent discriminatory and violent killings of George Floyd and so many others serve as a grim reality check.   We must be open to listen and learn in a spirit of humility from all who suffer oppression and discrimination. It is extremely important that as Catholic educators we are reminded that we are charged to teach as Jesus did and to form students to use their gifts to serve others towards a more just society.

As Pope Francis said, we must confront racial injustice and exclusion in all forms.  This is particularly true for those that are committed to Catholic education.  The Alberta Teachers’ Association and Local 55 endeavor to match our words with action.  Through our committees, Diversity Equity and Human Rights (DEHR), Professional Development (PD), Political Action, and our Executive, to name a few, continue to serve our members by contributing to shape the minds and hearts of our members. As educators and leaders, we are committed to be the forces for good and positive change.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will bless and inspire our community with the wisdom and courage to pursue our mission.

God bless you,