President’s Message

February 2019

At the risk of sounding like a broken record I want to remind all members to get their provincial log in and be ready to exercise their right to cast a ballot in the upcoming election for provincial executive council (PEC). March 14-18 are the days you can cast your votes.


Take some time to look at candidate bios on the website. There are videos also available for many of those seeking office. Talk to your school representative as they had a chance to hear most of the candidates speak.

Guest Teacher Week is March 11-14. Thank you to the school district for joining with Local 55 to honor our members who serve in the important role of guest teacher. Please take a picture or two to share with us how your school celebrates the guest teachers this week.

I also want to congratulate the candidates for the local 55 election. The election is scheduled for Monday May 13th. The candidates will have their speeches to the CSR on Tuesday April 30th. I encourage you to ask your CSR for information and check out the platforms each of the candidates are standing for.

A huge shout out to the CCTCA for a great convention. We had a lot of visitors to our booth and I want to thank the volunteers, trustees and members of CSSD Sr. Admin. for sharing their time with members.

Enjoy the month as we all look forward to March Break and the time to spend time with family and friends and recharge our engines. Don’t forget to support The ATA campaign to support Publicly Funded Catholic Education. Also, of interest to us as teachers will be the class size awareness campaign which will be rolled out as we await the call for a provincial election.

Heads up for Guest Teacher Appreciation Week (March 11-15). Details will be shared with school representatives shortly. Thank you to our PD committee for the planning of a highly successful PD day in January. They with IS are also meeting to plan the day for our high school colleagues. TY to social committee as well for a great night of soccer and socializing.