President’s Message

November 2019!


As November begins, we celebrated Faith day as a District.  Celebrating our faith comes in many forms, All Saints Day for some, Día de Los Muertos/ Día de Todos Santos for others.  This year it was a pleasure to listen to an inspiring message from Fr. Leonard and a very important message from Paul Brandt founder of #NotInMyCIty.  You can read more about it on the link below.

November also brings the beginning of the final phase to signing our collective agreement for 2018-2020.  A Bargaining Unit General Meeting (BUGM) was held on Oct 29th where the initial proposal for Local Bargaining was passed by the membership.

Thank all of you who attended the BUGM, at that meeting, our ATA negotiator, Cory Schoffer gave a very clear explanation of the provincial association’s steps and response to the budget delivered on October twenty-fourth by the provincial government.  Subsequently, my message to you is to ask you to meet with your MLA and voice your concerns, let them know who you are and tell them about your contributions that you make within your community at large.  They need to hear our personal stories and put a face to the constituents that they represent.   I met with my MLA and have started the dialogue.  I expect to meet with him again when they recess in the coming weeks.    See the MLA tool link below.

To be clear, Provincial ATA will be going forward with arbitration and voicing our position.  The arbitration process is an independent process that is supposed to be free of interference.  Unfortunately, we have to wait until that process goes forward and then see if the government steps in with legislation.  The following link is the ATA response to the Finance Minister.

Until legislation is tabled the arbitration process is going forward and there is no rollback.

Regarding the Pension fund, please see the following messages,

Once again, until legislation is tabled, the future of ATRF is unclear but we know that your pension is safe!

Stay in touch with association news by accessing the ATA provincial, Calgary Separate Local 55 or Facebook sites to stay informed.

Our political action committee has invited Calgary area MLA’s to meet informally with our executive and School Board Trustees.  This meeting is being hosted together with CBE local 38 and their stakeholders

Furthermore, together with CBE local 38, we met with other public sector associations and plan to act in unison in the future as needed.  Please stay in touch as we go forward with any information sessions etc. where we will need members’ support and participation at future events.

Once again, thank you for staying involved, I hope that this gives you the information that you need to keep informed.


God Bless,

Mario Vergara

President, Local 55