President’s Message

Presidents Message January 2019

I must admit I looked for the reset button as yet another holiday season began to wind down. Helping me in this quest was my wife, a kindergarten teacher and my daughter, a high school student. Don’t get me wrong it is not the return to work/school for us. It is the leaving of the comfort and relaxation of being off a schedule for a couple of weeks. The time to walk the dog, a bit of binge watching, more than a little sport on TV and best of all, time to reconnect with the family.

A gentle reminder to all members to get your login to Provincial ATA. You will need it to get the updates as to where we are at with Central Table and Local Bargaining. You will also need this to be able to vote electronically for a new provincial executive. The slate of candidates will be made public at the end of the month and candidates for provincial executive will be invited to speak to our CSRs on Wednesday February 27th 2019. (note the date change).

How to Set Up an ATA online account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Login”
  3. Choose “Request and Account”
  4. Have your teaching certificate number handy
  5. Read the Privacy Information
  6. Complete the Personal profile information

More politics. We need to engage our elected officials to get the conversation on education to the forefront as a provincial election looms on the horizon. Class size, diverse student needs and wages are great places to start with your MLA and candidates for that position.

Thank you to our PD committee for their work in preparation for the January 25th professional development day for K-9. A shout out to our colleagues who are stepping up to be presenters and for sharing their knowledge and experience.

Also, Kudos to Charities for getting our good news stories out during Christmas. Members charitable deductions allow us to share our good fortune with those in need. I remind School Representative to speak to all about making sure you are aware of this option for charitable giving.

Our DEHR committee held a very informative evening highlighted by a Skype talk with Father James Martin. His book Building A Bridge provides great insights for all of us as educators and Catholics. As I am sure you are aware the recent media articles have brought the conversation on the rights of all educators into the public eye. Very challenging and sometimes quite divisive but nonetheless necessary for us to be aware of and to be well informed.

Finally, BARGINNING. Your member provincial login allows you to be informed and up to the minute. Our Teacher Welfare (TWC) and Negotiating Sub-Committee (NSC) are busy preparing for the conclusion of Central Table Bargaining at which time they will survey membership to determine priorities here at the local level.

Have a great month all.