President’s Message

Presidents Message June 2018

Does a year ever go by quickly when you are in a new job? It has been a most enjoyable year filled with new experiences and lots of challenges. I am so thankful for the support I have received this year from the local executive, the many committees, CSR, our district representatives, the local office staff and our executive assistant Mike McFarland.

Best wishes to our retirees who have taken a new road in their lives. Many of you I have spoken to plan on returning to the guest teacher roster. All the best as you enjoy visiting our fine schools and get a chance to work with different colleagues.

Staffing was a difficult time for many members as more than 170 members found themselves in the unenviable spot of being declared surplus from their positions and schools. Some schools were particularly challenged. Administration teams are to be commended for working to ensure the processes are fair for all. Still, there were challenges for many and some did not get the school or grade level or program they wanted. It is on all of us to make these colleagues feel welcome as they arrive at their new sites in the fall.

Thank you to our CSR and the unanimous support they gave to our DEHR Committee’s participation in The Calgary Pride Parade. The committees work with human rights reflects so well on who we are as teachers. Check out the link on our web page to sign up.

Safe travels to all and enjoy the time with your families and friends. As you relax and rejuvenate take some time to reflect on how fortunate we are as educators to do something each day that is valued by the students and the communities we serve. Schools Out!