President’s Message

Presidents Message November 2018

“In Alberta, public education refers to separate, public and francophone schools”

“We believe in public education and we believe in providing students with the best opportunities for success”

The above statements are found by following the link to The Face of Public Education. I am asking you to share this with your colleagues, family, friends and other supporters of publicly funded separate, public and francophone education. Encourage them to take the pledge and share the messages.

This is just the start of an active campaign that the ATA is undertaking to ensure decision makers and political candidates are well informed about what works best for Alberta students. Common sense items to us as educators yes, but we have a responsibility to participate in the process to help the public understand the complexity and diversity of our classrooms.

I had a great day earlier this month. The morning I attended the retired teacher’s lunch. The food was great as was the chance to meet and catch up with retired colleagues. I would encourage all members to take the opportunity to hear some of the stories about how fortunate they feel to have served in the profession. And as a bonus I was close to being the youngest person in the room.

That evening I was invited by Mario Vergara and the Professional Recognition committee to the annual New Teacher Orientation. Yes, the food was great and I met a number of new teachers who I had the privilege of being their teacher earlier in my career. Bad news was my junior status achieved earlier in the day…

A shout out to our new members who on top of lesson plans etc. took the time to attend The ATA Beginning Teacher Conference. Thank you tour Local 55 PD Committee for facilitating the opportunity for our new colleagues. Also, our social committee hosted the bowling and après bowling evening. Thank you to Cindy ____ and he committee for putting together a fun evening. Next up for them is The Christmas party Saturday November 24th.

A kudo to our local EA Mike Mac Farland and a few inquisitive members for looking into new labor code and drawing attention to the changes in the code calling for the observation of Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday.

Remember to thank your CSR for their work in representing each of our schools. Enjoy a great month.