Local 55 member volunteers in Grenada with Project Overseas

Posted October 11, 2018

Project Overseas recognizes the value of developing education globally

Robert McKague

Robert McKague poses for a photo with Grenada teachers enrolled in his leadership development and public speaking class. The poster states “Every Student needs a Champion.” Adopted by teachers from Calgary Separate Local No. 55, the initiative involves teachers acting as champions for each of their students.

This year I had the life-changing assignment of leading a team to Grenada. The Canadian team was hosted by the Grenada Union of Teachers, which displayed amazing hospitality that far exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Volunteering for two weeks in Grenada changed the teaching careers of all our team members, who all commented that the teachers in Canada take for granted all the resources they have in abundance. The Grenada project was composed of teachers from all across Canada and delivered professional development in numeracy, early childhood literacy, computers, drama and leadership development.

Many of the Grenada teachers are working with no books, crayons, paper or computers. As the project’s team leader I was fortunate to receive $500 from the ATA Local 55 in Calgary, which I used to purchase an abundance of school supplies. It made many teachers smile to be able to use coloured markers for the first time.

Participating in Project Overseas has certainly been a highlight of my teaching career. I would like to thank the Alberta Teachers’ Association as well as the Canadian Teachers’ Federation for providing me the opportunity to help teachers in their mission to provide quality education globally. ❚

Robert McKague teaches woodworking and design at St. Brigid and Our Lady of Grace School in Calgary.

Published on the ATA Website: Project Overseas – ATA News